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magnesium rods

  • Serial number:ONS-P-M
  • Frost resistance:
  • Condensing side:
  • Brand:ONOSI or OEM
  • Payment:T/T or L/C
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Minimum order:1 set
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Description
Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode is suitable for Internal Protection for heat sink, drinking water sink ,water heater ect. Corrosion and scale are chronic problem for water heater, boiler, dry cleaning machines, drinking fountain, heat exchanger and hot water pipe and so on. Retirement or failure of this kind of  equipment more than 30% are caused by the above two reasons. Using sacrificial anode protection is a very economical and very effective way  to these rotection methods for these devices. 1%-5% cost invested in anode protection can make the service life of protected equipment multiple or a few times to be extended, and using the sacrificial anode can continuously protect equipments for a long time,automatically prevent corrosion and clean scale. Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode is used in the hot water boiler, the dissolved Mg + ion is harmless for human body.
1.Anti-Corrosion: The potential of magnesium alloy sacrificial anode is lower than the  potential of protected equipment(cathode) ,which provide current protection to the protected equipment through  the magnesium alloy with potential is constantly drained and dissolved ,then make the metal structure be protected. Now the potential for the used magnesium alloy sacrificial anode materil is between -1.55V and -1.7 V
2.Descaling :Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode in protected containers or pipe formed an electric field and the electromagnetic vibration ,due to its electric current effect . The deposited salt (mainly calcium carbonate) avaliable in water under the effect of the electric field,its physical structure changes into a sparse stream-like. If thick scale has been formed in container or in the pipe ,scale layer should peel off by itself after being impacted and cuted because of the electromagnetic vibration effect .Through discharging ,the scale is discharged or be taken away by water, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.