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hydroelectric isolated quartz electrical heating

  • Serial number:ONS-P-QEH
  • Frost resistance:
  • Condensing side:
  • Brand:ONOSI or OEM
  • Payment:T/T or L/C
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Minimum order:1 set
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Description
Product name:hydroelectric isolated quartz electrical heating
Model number:ONS-P-QEH
hydroelectric isolated quartz electrical heating has heating effect for light wave radiation, quick heating, Water tank temperature uniformity,The thermal efficiency is higher 20% than ordinary electric heating pipes .It Has anti-dry and dry heating with automatic power failure , explosion-proof and anti-corrosion functions ect, non-furring for long-term use ,no any pollution,and it belong to the green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving product.
The outer shell of it is quartz glass tube,and it does not bear hard scale in the use process.The resistance of quartz glass is more 10,000 times than that of ordinary glass.It is not damaged for use at 100 ℃ below zero condition and At high temperature 1000℃, it will not burst when placed in cold water.Itnot corrodein water for a long time,and the corrosion resistance of it  is more 150times than common electric heat pipe.