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Pre-heated solar water heater with copper coil

  • Serial number:ONS-CP(2010)
  • Frost resistance:
  • Condensing side:
  • Brand:ONOSI or OEM
  • Payment:T/T or L/C
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Minimum order:1 set
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Description
Product name:Pre-heated solar water heater with copper coil
Model number:ONS-CP(2010) 
In the chest of no pressure tank have been set a prtesurrized copper coil,the water of the tank can  be naturally cycle with that of collector’s. Washing water turn hot through the heat exchange between the copper coil and the hot water in the tank,and so can have pressure spray. Copper coil is increased cost, but the heat transfer ability greatly increased.In order to ensure a continuous bath ,The water temperature in tank and heat transfer area of copper coil is determined.
The water in tank only play the role of endothermic and exothermic.Water capacity in storage tank keeps constant.Using water go into solar storage tank through the cold water inlet of the coil. Cold water absorb heat energy of hot water in starage tank to rise itseft temperature.( temperature difference <= 3 ℃).Such, the pressure water constantly comes into tank ,absorbs energy of hot water in solar starage tank, rises theirselves temperature, and then is released to to used. Hot water storage tank always keep the same capacity, but the temperature reduce constantly until is the same as that in the copper coil.
Parameter table:
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