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Integrated pressure solar water heater with heat pipe

  • Serial number:ONS-IP01
  • Frost resistance:
  • Condensing side:
  • Brand:ONOSI or OEM
  • Payment:T/T or L/C
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Minimum order:1 set
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Description
Product name:Integrated pressure solar water heater with heat pipe
Model number:ONS-IP01
Pressurized solar water heater, with full name of phase-change heat conduction full pressure solar water heater, adopts phase-change heat conduction tube which consists of vacuum tube, phase change heat pipe and heat transfer aluminum-wing. Benefiting from vacuum tube’s high solar absorptance and low reflectivity coating, it transfers solar radiation into heat energy. Through heat transfer aluminum-wing, the selective coating passes the energy to phase change heat pipe and the inside heat transfer medium passes the energy to water in pressurized water tanks within two phase transitions, bring the water temperature increase. No water in the vacuum tube and whole system has capability of withstanding pressure. Hot water runs out under water pressure. Solar vacuum possesses distinguishing features of tracking solar energy. The whole system thus works smoothly whenever there is solar radiation. Due to the one-way heat transferring character of phase change heat pipe, the product works the year around, even in rigid cold regions.
1)Avoid ordinary solar water heaters’ incapability of withstanding water pressure; solve the problem of hot water and cold water’s temperature can’t be constant among non-pressure solar water heaters by mismatch between nature pressure and cold running water’s pressure.
2)Solve the problem of low water pressure resulted by low installation position.
3)No water in vacuum tube eradicates the problem of thermal efficiencies decreasing which resulted by scale and prevent the vacuum tube from cracking in severe cold.
4)The heat pipe which is one-way heat transfer, has small heat capacity, low starting temperature and fast speed. It can pass the heat which obtained by vacuum tube to the water tank in high speed.
5)Heat pipe has a good low temperature resistance which prevent it from cracking in low temperature
6)Water tanks and heat pipe employs mechanical seals. Water heater could work in good condition even a small amount of vacuum tube damage
7)The inner tank is made up of reasonable structure design and superior materials. It obtained no damage after 100,000 fatigue test. The polyurethane foam has big density, small uniform foam and good tightness. After the success of foam, water tank, shell and end caps to form a single whole, water tank insulation with excellent results.
8)The whole water heater pressure is set as 0.7Mpa, which can be directly connected with the water system with automatic operation. It also can be connected with each other in series and parallel mode to form a collective hot water system.
Parameter table:
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