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Direct flow collector

  • Serial number:ONS-DPC01
  • Frost resistance:-50℃
  • Condensing side:Φ14×70mm
  • Brand:ONOSI or OEM
  • Payment:T/T or L/C
  • Delivery time:10 days
  • Minimum order:1 set
  • Shipping port:Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Description
Product name:Direct flow collector
Model number:ONS-DPC01
1)Heat is conducted through the heat-pipe without water in the vacuum tube.
2)The special frozen-proof technology guarantee the safe operation of this system under -50℃ circumstance..
3)The heat-pipe vacuum tubes can output energy in 2 minutes under sun due to the small heat capacity of heat-pipe.
4)The performance of selective absorption coating and vacuum insulation technology is prominent in winter.
5)Packaged in vacuum glass tube, the collector plate can have a long life performance without corrosion.
6)The collector of heat-pipe vacuum tube have a good performance in cold and heat shocking resistance and operate safely.
Parameter table:
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