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Central heating solar water heating system

solar hot water system
Solar collectors heat the water,circulation is controlled by the temperature difference between hot water in the collectors and cold water in the tank with a circulating pump, and then provide hot water to all users.Auxiliary heater will start if water temperature can not reach the settled temperature when the light is insufficient.
Description for system control Principle
1)Circulation of main pipe:The circulatory system adopts constant temperature and temperature difference,if T1(collector temperature)≥60℃(Purpose is to prevent running pump all the time,it is settled up to local condition),meanwhile T1 – T2(temperature of circulatory medium in main pipe)≥8℃, the system controller makes the circulating pump to start,heated medium transfer to main pipe loop; The system controller makes the circulating pump to shut down,if T1 <50℃;The system controller makes the circulating pump to shut down and the heat circulating stop when T1– T2≤2℃.
2)Circulation of branch pipe:The branch circulatory system adopts constant temperature and temperature difference,if T3(water temperature of users'tank)≤80℃(settled temperature), meanwhile T2(inlet temperature of main pipe)–T3≥8℃,indoor controller opens electromagnetic valve of branch pipe, let heating medium get into heat exchange coil to make circulating;The indoor controller will shut off the electromagnetic valve of branch pipe if T3>80℃;The indoor controller will shut off the electromagnetic valve of branch pipe when T2 - T3 <2℃.
3)Frost prevention of system: low power electrical heater is installed on main pipe (bypass),the controller turns on the heater,the electromagnetic valve and the circulatory pump for carrying out the frost prevention circulating when T1(collector temperature)≤3℃(settled temperature);The system controller shuts off the heater,electromagnetic valve and the pump when T1≥6℃,the prevention stops.
4)Overtemperature protection of system:The controller turns on the electromagnetic valve and circulatory pump for radiating cycle proceeds through radiator when T1(collector temperature)≥99℃;The system controller shuts off the circulatory pump and the electromagnetic valve;The overtemperature protection stops when T1≤90℃.
Solar Heating Systems
Solar heating system:It means a system which is to use vacuum tube solar water heater to collect the sunshine then get the water heated , the hot water will transfer the energy to the end of hot side (for example :floor heating system , Radiator system etc.) to provide heat to bedroom . It is consist of :solar collector system .auxiliary energy security system, Low temperature hot water floor radiant heating system and hot water .
1The design for hot Collection area needs to consider the average quantity of heat a building needed during the whole winter.A big solar equipment with a high cost waste equipment and capital, and if less, the heating effect can not be reached.. So configuration solar area is very important.
2、Consider heat reserves, solar energy with a very strong timeliness, enough during day time , even no at night, but the heating process we need, for the time is complete opposite. Heat reserves is very important in the solar energy heating design process
3、Floor heating
Ordinary radiator Heat transfer medium needs a higher temperature (70 Celsius above), and the solar energy system is not easy to achieve the water temperature requirements. Therefore, in the solar heating system, usually by way of the end of the radiant floor heating heating. Floor heating need low temperature hot water which is about 35 to 55 degrees Celsius.
Floor heating system with the whole ground as cooling surface, mainly by radiation heat transmission, with better effect when compare with the heat convection radiator system, also compared with heat collecting with the end of the radiator system it can be with a low 2 ~ 3 degrees Celsius to acquire the same intimacy, save heating energy consumption. Night heating load general than during the day, but at night without the sun radiation, it is a very good way to use floor heating system with heat storage function. Therefore, at present the solar heating system widespread use of the floor radiation heat system as the end
Operation principle
(1)Solar energy collector and store hot water tank bottom has temperature sensors respectively .
During sunny day, solar energy collector absorb solar radiation energy, the temperature getting higher and higher, Through to the sensor point detection, When temperature differences between the collector monitoring stations and water temperature reached the supreme limits, the solar energy system pump start-up, heating water storage tank temperature by Cycling, to trasfer the solar energy from collector to store water tank constantly.
(2)With the continuously circulation of the water in tank,the temperature of the collector will getting down, When temperature difference between collectors temperature and heating water tank to the limit .the solar energy system pump will stop, the water in collectors and the water piping system will back into the water tank through the pipe installation slope row to achieve a antifreeze result for emptying system..
(3) In rainy weather or under conditions of insufficient solar energy, when the temperature of heating water tank can't reach the set temperature, you can start the auxiliary system to heat the water circulation in thermal storage tank. By that you can reach the set temperature to meet heating needs.
(4) The water in interlayer of water tank through heating circulatory pump to circulate in the floor heating pipes in order to heat the building then meet the indoor temperature needs. The heating circulating pumps can start and stop according to set temperature of the room.
(5)The water in the interlayer of water tank through the pressure of water to supply domestic water points, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc., to meet the daily hot water needs.

Solar swimming pool heating system
Solar swimming pool heating system adopt solar energy as a heat source to heat the water of swimming pool and make the pool water temperature constant at between 26 ~ 30℃. solar swimming pool with hot water system mainly consists of heat pipe collector, thermal storage tank,water pump, auxiliary energy, heat exchanger equipment, control system and the corresponding piping components. The pipeline use constant temperature circulating piping,and automatic intelligent control. According to requirement it can be arbitrarily set the water temperature,and can be used with conventional energy cooperation to continuously supply hot water for 24 hours as Half of the instantaneous thermal type solar water heating system. It is stable, low operating cost and ease of maintenance for the system running .
working principle
Solar collector directly heat the water of swimming pool,when the collector reach a certain temperature,it will heat he water in pipes by heat exchanger and the hot water heater flow back to the pool and is kept the temperature at 28℃ inside the swimming pool. The design basis of the solar system:when the temperature to 28 ℃ for swimming pool,count the heat loss from pool with upper surface,side wall and bottom and the energy requested to heat cold water filled in swimming pool every day.to 28 ℃.After synthetically calculating ,it collect corresponding energy by solar collector. 1, When the swimming pool temperature is below 28 ℃, the temperature of solar collector is higher than 30 ℃,collecting heat circulating pump start to work , the solenoid valve open,.And rise the pool temperature through the circulation. When the temperature difference between collectors and pool is lower than 2 ℃, the collector circulation pump stop running.
2, When the swimming pool water temperature is lower than the set temperature (such as 28 ℃, adjustable), the temperature of solar collectors is higher than the set temperature,solar collection heat circulation pump starts, anti-overheating the solenoid valve closed. Through the radiator cooling, it can avoid collector temperature was too high in the summer
3, Solar energy system and auxiliary system can be used in parallel, when the solar energy can't meet demand ,we can use auxiliary energy system to heat water in swimming pool.