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Split pressurized solar hot water system for villa

System operating principle
The controller monitors the temperature difference between circulatory medium and the water in tank.The pump starts to work for heat exchange when temperature of circulatory medium is higher than water's in the tank also the water temperature is not higher than the settled date; The pump shuts off and the heat exchange stops when temperature of circulatory medium is lower than water's in the tank or the water temperature is higher than the value settled,
Description for System Control Principle:
1)Heating cycle: the circulatory system adopts constant temperature and temperature difference cycle, in case T1(collector temperature)–T2(tank water temperature)≥5℃,meanwhile T2≤80℃(settled temperature), the pump starts for transferring the high heat medium in the collector into heat exchange coil to heat up the lower temperature water in tank;The pump stops operating while T1-T2 <2℃;The pump shuts off when T2>80℃.
2)Frost prevention of system:The controller starts the pump for exchanging the heat of the water into coil when T1(collector temperature)≤3℃(settled temperature),;The controller stops pump when T1≥6℃.
3)Overtemperature protection of system:when T1(collector temperature)≥99℃,the system brings high pressure and it will be absorbed by expansion tank(18-24L) (Remark: Since the collecting area is smaller in individual system, around 3-6 square meters, the expansion pressure caused by high temperature or gasification is smaller, and it can be absorbed by expansion tank); Besides the collecting system equipped with relief valve, it can exhaust to protect the system (under some extreme condition).
4)Independent system for individual house, independent calculation for electricity and water consumption, easy to manage;Water and collection are complete separated, fouling-free in collector, high absorbing efficiency;Pressured water tank more comfortable.